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I for once, if I had 3000 orbiters that just wanted to use me for a fuck I would select only the best just so I can get something out of it too.Most likely though she's just there to validate herself for being able to attract this many dudes and remind herself how many choices she has.Samantha, a sex robot stands, in the home of robotics expert Dr Sergi Santos and his partner of 16 years, Maritsa Kissamitaki.The couple deisgned the artificial intelligence-driven robot that they say is capable of enjoying sex.Oh, and Yenisev added that the Harmony sexbot can blink, move its head, and tell you: “I don’t want anything but you.

Men can evaluate their SMV base on the number of matches they get, women can not.Social media addicts, especially women who's mental well being depends on likes and friends can't see the difference. Camera app filters have also tricked social media users into believing 4s are 8s by removing wrinkles and adding airbrush. Only a remote few, because she's not even serious about meeting most, unless they're exceptional.Now every post-wall woman looks like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model. If you stumbled upon an endless supply of money that came from nefariously giving womyn good emotions wouldnt you try to figure out a way to automate that so you dont have to keep shoveling shit? And of course, she'll flake on a handful that shes does "allow" to talk to her, being the elite princess she is. I've got some nice screen shots of me explaining to landwhales that we only matched because I like most men swipe right for everyone without looking and then filter through my matches for potential hook-ups.Hackers leaked the Ashley Madison records show there were like 100 dudes to every woman, and AM was creating bots to fool men into thinking they were actually going to hook up on the site (non-Chad men, the Chad's of course get the 1 woman out of 100 looking for an actual affair).You gotta be an idiot to think any woman is going to pay money to put herself out as "available".

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