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A: My mother was a professional dancer before I was born and still did a little bit of dancing after I was born.Music always moved me so the moment I was able to stand on my own, I was dancing.Fitness, Drew Bouge l FIT Coach, Fran Fitness, Bachata in Florida, QPark, Little Things, Booty Bands, New York City, Pero Like, Stephan Speaks Relationships, Longwood Leisure Services, Health For All Women, Denisse Copeland, Dr. Josh Axe, Without Walls Ministries, Crystal Ballroom at Veranda Park, Asha's Jewelry and Sari House, Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons, Lejuan James, Things To Do in Orlando, Topoftheline Barbercutz, Orlando Weekly, International Food and Drink Festival Orlando, FL, Things Floridians Like, Docentes, You're Gorgeous, Tech Insider, Libera: Psicoterapia - Hipnosis - Educación Emocional, Mundo de Recetas, Girly Feed, Crossing Over Support Group, Futurism, Princess Nails Angélica, Thomas De Lauer, Inspire Me, Channing Tatum, Jessie Marrero Photography, Paws on the Go LLC, Handmade DIY Ideas, The Penny Hoarder Jobs, Smart School House, Eva & Beauty, Unique World, Stuff To Do In Orlando, Genius Club, Mariza Villarreal, DJ Negro LMP, Lydia Bee, Iglesia de Apopka, Pastor Jonathan Miller, Fabiosa Diario, Salsa Cam, Budget101, Better Me, Krissi Lemcke, simplehuman, CLR Products, Red Coach, Prayers and Love for Leah, WFTV Channel 9, Ninja FIIT, Marissa F Myers - A Fit CRNA, Insane Inflatable 5K, Big Bang Cleaning Services Inc, Tailor Made Home Services, Fusion Arts Dance Expressions, Teri Walker, My little Shih Tzu, New Beginnings Church, Hayley Witte, La Carambola Night Club, Latin Movement Entertainment, CAPO Security, Santo Rico Florida, Salsanet, Emotional Touch, Salsa Synergy Dance Company, La Cabina Deportiva, April Crihfield, Dasta Mattres Furniture & Appliances, Right at Home Fine Furniture Outlet, Exciting Boutique, Festival Dominicano Orlando FL #festivaldominicano, John Mansker at Realty Executives Lake Mary, Shih-Tzu Lovers, IRON Sharpens IRON, Daniel y Desirée bachata lovers, Ataca y La Alemana, ATACA y La Alemana, Tanja Kensinger La Alemana és Jorge Luis Burgos Ataca, Ataca Jorge, Cocina Vital, Steven Furtick, Mama.

Q: When did you start dancing and what inspired you to get started?Initially they were primarily dancing salsa but switched to a bachata emphasis after a friend of Tanja recommended they do a routine together."La Alemana" from Island Touch Dance Academy talks about her experience immigrating to the US and her advice for salseros learning Spanish.Notwithstanding the inclusion in the Indiana Code of statutory provisions declared impliedly repealed, unconstitutional or otherwise invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, those provisions have only such force as they had before the enactment of the Indiana Code.All rules and regulations in force on January 21, 1976, shall be treated as if they were adopted under the corresponding provisions of this Code.(c) If a conflict existed between provisions of law that have been replaced by this Code, to resolve the conflict, the dates of enactment of the conflicting provisions may be considered along with other appropriate aids to statutory construction, but the order in which the corresponding provisions appear in this Code may not be considered.(d) References in the text of the Indiana Code, or in other statutes, to provisions of laws replaced by provisions of the Indiana Code, are intended to refer respectively to the corresponding provisions of this Code.(e) The numerical or alphabetical designations assigned to the several provisions of the Indiana Code, as originally enacted, or as added by amendment, are part of the law and may be altered only by specific amendment.(f) The headings of titles, articles, and chapters as they appear in the Indiana Code, as originally enacted or added by amendment, are not part of the law and may be altered by the lawful compilers, in any official publication, to more clearly indicate content.

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