Dating the book revalation

The fragments “offer unique insight into reconciling John’s martyrdom and his reported long life and natural death in that: From what we have gathered, John the apostle is the clearest candidate for authorship of Revelation.I ascribe to the mentality, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Long held traditions should only be overturned if there is clear evidence to the contrary.Author: Tradition has long held that John the apostle, whom we have seen penned the Fourth Gospel and the three letters attributed to him, wrote the last book of Scripture.

” as we investigate the author of the book of Revelation.

Rather, it was written to encourage believers of all times that despite the troubles faced, God will win in the end. The powers of darkness will be confined by the powers of light.

Revelation tells us much about God, Christ, humanity, sin, the church, angels, as well as Satan and his demonic forces.

In the year 69 (or even earlier), or must we reverse the figure and make it 96 (or perhaps 95)? Says, Irenaeus: “For that (the apocalyptic vision) was seen not a very long time since, but almost in our own day, toward the end of Domitian’s reign.” Again he says: “.

One cannot find a single really cogent argument in support of the earlier date.

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By Brian Chilton As a teenager, I remember being a bit frightened of the book of Revelation.

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