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Here, a look at some of the worst pieces of advice I ever learned from watching romantic comedies.)Many have wondered: Can women and men really be friends? First, she quits her job to join him in a financially unstable startup.

“Drinks are a form of sexual currency.” And in regards to texting, her rule is that one should always wait for at least four hours before responding to a message.

", "short Title" : "What Were Michael Jackson's Final Thoughts?

", "series Title" : "Hollywood Medium", "guid" : "272877", "description" : "Tyler Henry answers some of Latoya Jackson's unanswered questions on her brother's death.

)Why on earth would a Hollywood actress walk into a stranger’s home after meeting him only once?

It doesn’t matter how adorable his little blue front door might be, this seems like exactly the kind of thing our mothers always warned us about.)Okay, so this 1970 classic isn’t exactly a rom-com, but this often-quoted line is the single worst piece of romantic advice to ever come from a movie.

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